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Stolzsein Rottweilers is Samantha Bradley and Mark Anderson and we have owned Rottweilers for over 30 years. We are proudly Australian and are located on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

We enjoy exhibiting our dogs at Rottweiler Specialty Shows as well as All Breed Shows. We also enjoy Obedience, Tracking, and ANKC Herding with our dogs.

Stolzsein is registered with the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). We abide by the National Rottweiler Council [Australia] - NRC[A] requirements for HD, ED, Eye, Mouth Certification as well as testing for JLPP. We also abide by the Code of Ethics imposed by the State Breed Club that we are member of and those of Dogs Victoria; formerly known as the Victorian Canine Association.

Member of the Rottweiler Club of Queensland and Dogs Victoria.

The Rottweiler is a total all round utility dog, he is a working dog, a loyal companion and a great family dog. The Rottweiler's willingness and ability to work is just as important as his health and beauty.

When we plan a litter we place a great emphasis on producing Rottweilers that are mentally and physically sound and which can successfully compete in a number of disciplines including Dog Sports and Conformation. Our litters are raised in our house where they get extensive socialisation and stumuli from day one. 

The total all round Rottweiler is what the Breed Standard calls for and what we always strive to produce in each and every litter here at Stolzsein. We 
believe in utilising genetic testing on our dogs and we use Laboklin (UK). We use a number of tests including the Rottweiler DNA testing bundle that is available from Laboklin. 
For more information on these tests, click here.

At this site you will find information about our dogs and others, as well as lots of Rottweiler information and links.

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